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Jewellery Designer

Frank Schumacher

The designer Frank Schumacher (* 1959) completed his studies in philosophy and political science at the University of Osnabrück. He began to import jewelry from Asia in the mid-1980s. and finally his own company founded in 1989. He then offered his own collections in Germany at trade fairs for sale. It was followed by fairs abroad. The development, production and distribution of the jewelry collections took place in the following years on the island of Bali and the company location in Osnabrück. 

The jewelry consisted of 925 sterling silver and a variety of other materials. The passion for aesthetics and design is reflected in all jewelry collections, and runs like a thread through his work. In addition to the women's collections made of silver, since 2003, the stainless steel collection for men was first introduced. 

Numerous masculine designs expand the extensive range and are independently presented as a men's collection and constantly expanded. In 2008, the KINGKA brand is created with regular trade fair appearances in Hong Kong and other countries. 


Jewellery Designer


Since 2008 the german artist Annette Hanekamp (* 1965) is the creative spirit behind the brand KINGKA and responsible for many designs and corporate identity of the label. Being significant for her creations is her huge range of innovative ideas, humor and her exceptional talent for aesthetics and trends. 

Not only focus on jewellery, but she also works on her own art creations. As a songwriter, singer, and guitarist she is also creating music with her band. All this exudes volumes of detail and emotion. 

Due to her exceptional style, which is characterized by authentic, unique creations, contributed to the story of the brand. She describes jewelry and fashion as "wearable art". Nothing is permanent but change.