5 Secrets of Custom Jewelry

1 You don’t need to be a jewelry designer to get a custom jewelry piece designed. Clients looking for custom jewelry don’t actually need to know a thing about jewelry design. All that’s needed is a sketch (and the sketch doesn’t have to be perfect) or a photo of the jewelry piece desired. This is particularly true with CAD jewelry. For example, if you submit your sketch or photo to our KINGKA, we can turn your jewelry vision into a CAD model that can then be printed, cast and finished. You choose the stones, metals and size for your final piece.

It’s easier to stay within your budget. Along the same lines as custom jewelry being more affordable than you’d think, it’s also easier to stay within your budget when you order custom jewelry. Working with a designer gives you the option to choose design elements that are more suitable to your finances; an option not available with mass produced jewelry.

3 Custom jewelry lets you redesign jewelry. When you order custom jewelry, you can also mix new ideas with elements of another piece of jewelry. For example, you might want to use the gemstones from another piece of jewelry in your customized piece, or you might ask the designer to incorporate some of the design elements of the old piece in the new piece. 

4 You can have heirloom pieces recreated. One of the best things about customized jewelry and CAD technology is that it makes it possible to recreate a sentimental piece of jewelry – pieces that were lost or damaged overtime. CAD makes it possible to bring a cherished piece of jewelry back to life. 

5 CAD/CAM has made custom jewelry design not only more accessible, but it has opened up design options not possible before. CAD technology has made it possible to create jewelry pieces with greater complexity, originality, and sheer beauty than ever before. And it has simultaneously made the customization process more accessible to everyone.

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