Before you start a jewelry business, read these focus things will help your business better.


The most widely used method of transporting fashion jewelry is international express delivery. Jewelry is usually small in size, and a large number of jewellery can be shipped in one delivery. You can communicate with suppliers and choose the most economical express delivery mothod that suits your country.

 But it is worth nothing that you pay attention to the packaging of the supplier during transportation to avoid damage to the jewelry during transportation.

Know The Specific Materials Used

As a seller of jewelry, you must knoe what kings of jewelry materials and what materials you sale. As long as you are more perfessional, your customers will trust you more when selling. Knowing the details of the products also ensures your wholesaler keeps your best interest at heart.

Security Issues

Jewelry, as a metalworking product, contains some metal components. When importing fine jewelry from China, compliance testing is very important because most countries and regions have their own regulations. It is best to choose a supplier that can provide a quality inspection report. Such a supplier is more reliable in product quality.

Product Samples

Before you officially trade, asking for some few accessories as samples are important. Generally, suppliers will be willing to provide you with samples. This may cost you time and money but it is worth it. Doing this can make sure that you don't get to the products that were not matching your initial expectations.

Service Guarantee

Reliable delivery, convenient payment and professional after-sales service are very important to you, and you can confirm these services with the supplier before making a transaction.

To have a successful wholesale business, finding a reliable supplier is a key point. Hope these tips can help you.

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