KINGKA Customization

Free engraving service

For the products that can be engraved, we can engrave text or pictures on the jewelry for customers free of charge. You can engrave the names or photos of your lover, family, friends and even your pets on jewelry as a souvenir.


The advantages of KINGKA custom jewelry:

  1. Low MOQ.Customers don't need to keep a lot of inventory.
  2. Free engraving pictures and text.Send us pictures and text by email
  3. Fast shipping.Confirm the order is immediately engraved to ship.
  4. Waterproof.The engraved pictures and text are not easy to fade and waterproof.

Bringing Unique Jewelry Designs to Life

“Our years of experience and combined talents allow us to transform an idea into a beautiful jewelry creation. It is important that we provide communication throughout the entire jewelry making process to maintain a strong relationship with our customer.”
– KINGKA Founder Rain

Jewelry design consultation

The process begins with an appointment with our talent designers. Whether the final piece will be an engagement ring, anniversary gift, mother's jewelry, Valentine's Day necklace or just because — we'll go through the same creative process. This is true for rings, earrings, pendants, bracelets, or men’s jewelry. The concept for the jewelry is further developed by viewing photos from the portfolio or in the gallery.


Sketches developed, materials discussed

Sketches are created to illustrate ideas discussed during the consultation. This helps to express scale, shape and design options. Sketches develop an overall direction, and as setting styles are considered, shapes and forms are explored and a design emerges.



Wax model produced or jewelry fabricated using metal

When a jewelry design is approved, the next step begins: creation. Some jewelry creations begin with a wax model, carved by hand, which interprets the sketches and ideas discussed, translating them into a three dimensional model. For more intricate jewelry designs and custom engagement rings, we enhance our artistic talents using  computer aided design (CAD).


Final polish, hallmarked and treasured for generations

When each piece is perfected, it is hallmarked with the precious metal content and the KINGKA logo or signature, to assure quality and future value. 

The result is an original jewelry creation to be treasured for generations.


Turn your inspiration into one-of-a-kind fine custom jewelry.

KINGKA is your personal jeweler. Custom Jewelry. Design Your Own Jewelry for lover, beauty, for generations. 


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