The advantage of cubic zirconia jewelry

Did you know that in addition to real diamond jewelry, cubic zirconia jewelry is another ideal and affordable option for you? Since the introduction of cubic zirconia into the fashion world around 1978, no synthetic gemstone has more influence than cubic zirconia. Because of its diamond-like appearance, cubic zirconia is also highly valued, and is considered to be a diamond-like gem. It is also widely used in jewelry making.


Among all the gemstones, Cubic zirconia is closest to the diamond in appearance. From the aspect of appearance, Cubic Zirconia is as brilliant as a diamond yet more pleasant in appearance. In general, people do not say the difference between cubic zirconia and a real diamond unless they have some trained eyes or equipment.


Cubic zirconia is an affordable synthetic stone, as brilliant as diamond, but much cheaper than diamond. One of the most popular jewelry designs today is the cluster design. But for diamonds, it is difficult to find a cluster of diamonds in the same quality and clarity. Even if you find the perfect diamond jewelry, this will be a top luxury. 

However, for cubic zirconia, you can easily find the perfect cluster design, because good quality cubic zirconia is flawless and colorless. With a cubic zirconia alternative, you don't have to worry too much because it can afford to even damage or even lose.


You may be wondering about the durability of cubic zirconia. Like diamonds, Cubic Zirconia is very hard, making it extremely durable. Cubic Zirconia gemstones also possess superior fire, the brilliance or sparkle of the stone and can be made in various colors. Compared to a diamond, CZ ranks F on the diamond clarity chart-retaining the highest diamond rating of the world's rarest and most expensive diamond.

However, cubic zirconia is not as hard as diamond and has a Mohs hardness of 8.5 compared to diamonds with a Mohs hardness of 10.0. CZ is very durable, but they can also crack.

Environmental protection

It is worth mentioning that, unlike natural gems extracted from the earth using large machines, explosives, and unsafe working conditions, cubic zirconia is a synthetic crystal produced in the laboratory. Since it is not mined like diamonds, you don’t have to worry about your gem being a “conflict stone”, a stone mined in war-torn countries using slave-like labor (common in the diamond trade). CZ Stone has been developed to be more durable with better optical characteristics than a diamond while maintaining an ethical standard in protecting our environment.


Unlike diamonds, CZ gems can be made in a variety of colors, including colorless (white), such as pink, blue, orange, green, champagne, and purple are common CZ colors.

In a word, the benefits of wearing Cubic Zirconia jewelry come from its beautiful appearance, its affordable price, as well as its versatile designs. It is definitely a good choice for the material of jewelry. For an unparalleled shine effect,Our “Crystal Rocks collection” is made of cubic zirconia. Therefore, if you are looking for jewelry that can shine like diamonds, cubic zirconia should be your best choice.


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