Why Choose Stainless Steel Jewelry

In many people's minds, stainless steel is a material that has both strength and safety. It is commonly used in surgical instruments, bridges,appliance and construction machinery. However, this industrial material can also complement exquisite jewelry design.

First, we need to know what is stainless steel is.

There is no need to be too professional in chemical terms, we just need to know that stainless steel is a steel alloy, with a minimum of 11% chromium content mass and a maximum of 1.2% carbon mass. At the same time, the percentages of nickel, molybdenum, titanium,niobium, and other metals are different depending on the grade of stainless steel. The materials used by the Fitanole brand are mostly 316 stainless steel(which contains 2-3% molybdenum for even more corrosion resistance).

So where are the benefits of choosing stainless steel jewelry? We mainly explain from five aspects.

1. It's hypoallergenic

For most people, 316 stainless steel jewelry is generally considered hypoallergenic, and it is an excellent choice for people with sensitive skin to metal. For businesses, selling stainless steel jewelry can reduce a lot of allergic after-sales problems that are uncomfortable to wear.

2.It won't rust

This corrosion-resistant alloy has rust, oxidation and discoloration resistance, making it ideal for durable jewelry designs. Its appearance can last longer.

3.It is very durable

Compared with gold or silver, stainless steel is more durable,. Stainless steel is not only a naturally tough alloy, but also an alloy that can withstand a lot of wear. This means stainless steel jewelry will last longer than gold and silver jewelry.

4. It doesn't look like stainless steel

Maybe your impression of stainless steel is still on a piece of steel without soul,but if you browse the jewelry design of the Fitanole brand, you will find that stainless steel is made through some technical casting design, gold plating process or matched with cubic zirconia. After that, it actually looks a lot like real silver or gold.Stainless steel is just a material, our design can make it look like a high-end jewelry.

5. Moderate price

Stainless steel jewelry is not as expensive as diamond or gold and silver jewelry, but it can accompany you for a long time,and you don't have to worry about it becoming brittle in the long run. As mentioned earlier, stainless steel jewelry is durable and cost-effective.

Fitanole brand has more than ten years of experience in the manufacturing process of stainless steel jewelry. The technology and design are very mature. It is your best choice in choosing stainless steel jewelry partners

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